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Al Awwal Cleaning and Maintenance is a leading company in Riyadh, boasting a dedicated team of over seventy specialists available 24/7.

Our vision is to excel in meeting the city's residents' needs by providing highly professional cleaning and maintenance services.

From furniture moving to air conditioner cleaning, tank insulation, water leak detection, and more, our diverse services aim to exceed customer expectations.

Our Services

نقل الأثاث

Furniture Moving

We specialize in safe furniture transportation, ensuring our clients' comfort and the protection of their belongings from scratches or breakage. Our company utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and trained workers adept at handling tight spaces.

صيانة وتنظيف التكييفات

Air Conditioner Cleaning and Maintenance

Our skilled team provides comprehensive air conditioner maintenance and cleaning services for various types. From Freon checks to thermal insulation verification and airflow adjustment, we address all issues professionally.

عزل وتنظيف الخزانات

Tank Insulation and Cleaning

We use non-harmful chemicals and modern equipment to isolate and clean tanks, protecting against dirt and impurities. Our experts ensure effective tank insulation and cleanliness.

إبادة الحشرات

Surface Insulation

Our dedicated team specializes in surface insulation throughout Riyadh, using advanced techniques and high-quality materials to protect against weather fluctuations, leaks, and moisture.

عزل الأسطح

Roof insulation

Our dedicated team specializes in surface insulation throughout Riyadh, using advanced techniques and high-quality materials to protect against weather fluctuations, leaks, and moisture.

كشف تسريبات الياه

Water Leak Detection

We excel in non-destructive water leak detection, utilizing advanced equipment to provide comprehensive reports on leak locations and effective treatment methods.

تنظيف شقق وقصور وفيلات

Apartment, Palace, and Villa Cleaning

Our tailored cleaning services include eco-friendly materials and meticulous cleaning of apartments, palaces, and villas, meeting our clients' specific needs.

تنظيف المجالس

Majlis Cleaning

Thorough cleaning and sanitization of floors, carpets, and furniture in Majlis areas using steam cleaning machines and specialized techniques, ensuring a dust-free and fresh environment.

تنظيف الزجاج

Glass Surface Cleaning

Our team offers professional glass facade cleaning using safe and effective tools and materials, ensuring high-quality and safe cleaning without environmental or health risks.

عزل حمامات السباحة

Swimming Pool Cleaning and Insulation

We clean and sanitize pool floors and walls, ensuring efficient water flow and preventing clogs. Additionally, we provide swimming pool insulation services for leak detection and tile maintenance.

تنظيف المولات

Mall, Hotel, Company, Office, and Mosque Cleaning

Our cleaning services extend to institutions, large companies, hotels, and even mosques, catering to diverse needs with high competence.

تنظيف وصيانة البتوتجاز

Gas Stove Maintenance

Gas stove maintenance services cover inspections, repairs, safety checks, and electrical component maintenance, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

تنظيف النجف

Chandelier Cleaning

Our company provides professional chandelier cleaning services for hotels, mosques, large institutions, palaces, and villas, guaranteeing high-quality and safe cleaning.

جلي الرخام

Marble Polishing

With state-of-the-art equipment, we offer marble polishing services in Riyadh and neighboring areas, ensuring a high-quality and glossy appearance.

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